Glentress provides a sanctuary away, a physical retreat.

Once upon a time Lynda’s mother was unwell and in her recovery months she sat on her verandah, next to Glentress, and mentioned how absolutely grateful she was to have such a peaceful healing place to BE in for her recovery. There is no urban noise, and no hustle and bustle of lifes’ busyness. The sounds she was soaking up were a little bird trilling in her garden, magpies singing on another hill, and the very occasional car. The only vehicles you May hear regularly could be a farmer’s tractor in the distance. It sounds like a tall order but it is an Actual daily tranquil occurrence. One guest also mentioned that he felt the “air is different here”.

Time spent studying Health and Wellness, Leadership and Counselling, healing the body and Lecturing in Tertiary Level Massage have all led Lynda to where she is today.

Glentress provides a place where healing happens. Lynda’s strong wish for others to have the Best Life Possible, and her passion for whole foods and natural health come through in every consultation.

You may visit Glentress to rebalance your body with remedial massage, or to rebalance your perspective on how you see Life. Either way, it is the perfect place to spend time discovering ways to reduce the stress response in your body as well as learn techniques to add into your daily life to step towards the Best Quality Life you could want.

Her Day Away packages allow you the time and space to sit and just BE for a few hours in Peace. You can choose to be around for the Day Packages or to extend the experience with an overnight stay or two as well. The Build Your Own Retreat option is fantastic for designing your Stay Away to exactly what you feel that you need at this time.