stretch out at desk Lynda Western Massage
Holding Stress in the front of our body.

With our forward living lifestyle – everything we do is carried in a forward posture. Study Work Driving Eating are all forward postures in our day to day life. With the introduction of portable computers, laptops and smart phones we are all in a constant and concentrated forward motion, in times of relaxation, as well as work hours. I have also noticed that mums are giving their small babies their smart phones to occupy them. So they are also sitting with a forward posture entranced by the content on the small screen.
It is important to be conscious of our posture and to introduce activities into our daily life that counteract the necessary movements of a busy life. In the article Remember to Breathe I detail a stretch that is great for opening up the front of the body. When working with my clients I not only perform Remedial Massage necessary to free any muscle restrictions but add into the Consultation conversations about how to add small changes into your daily life that make a big difference. Posture, Digestion and Stress close the front of the body over and it is important to discuss all of these factors when looking to achieve optimum wellness.
Abdominal massage can often be overlooked as a key to Standing Tall but I have achieved some really positive results with clients feeling lighter taller and brighter after including the abdomen into their treatment. It is the area that we protect the most, and when addressing our body image – can be the one we like the least! So quite often it can be an area we could avoid getting massaged.
Forward living posture closes over the abdominals and shortens muscles throughout, not only our abdominals but between the ribs, hips pectorals and of course shoulders and neck. Within an abdominal massage routine, I work with the diaphragm allowing the tight tendons to release which assists us to stand taller and breathe easier. The diaphragm interplays with the movement of our ribs and shoulders as well as massages our organs to achieve better digestion. The diaphragm also has a ligament attachment within our lower back.
Digestion –“If the Stomach is strong, life will be healthy; if the Stomach is weak, life will be unhealthy. By Yu Jia Yan” Good digestion is the key to a long, healthy life. Traditional Chinese medicine uses acupressure to help stimulate good digestion. The abdominal massage I have designed includes recognition of relevant acupressure points to take into account your specific needs.
Stress can cause us to hold on and protect the front of our body if we feel we are under Challenge. Whether its our busy routine or our busy minds and relationships that are increasing our stress levels, we unconsciously close over the front of our body when we are “keeping it all together”. Massage in general slows the body’s response down to our busyness, giving us back some mind space. Abdominal Massage releases the closed over feeling and reminds us that it is safe to be open and upright. Occasionally we need that physical reminder that we have become a little closed over. Massage gives us that opportunity to feel open, breathe easier and to stand tall. Which would you choose?