4 factors to consider when doing a Detox.

A holiday season of relaxed body mind and dietary habits can drive some of us to implement a detox program to start the year afresh!
For effective detoxification it is important to take into account your body’s Circulation, of blood, lymph and digestion.
Good circulation not only clears and clean the body of toxins but is also important in assisting the body in its uptake of nutrients. A change in diet is imperative to restore the acid/alkaline balance, but… How can we assist our body to mechanically process these changes?
To gain an effective cycle of detoxification and rejuvenation, how we breathe and move play a major role.
  1. Breath – effective breathing expands the diaphragm to massage the digestive system as well as calm the nervous system. Less stress supports effective digestion. Conscious breathing techniques such as Mindfulness allows time in your day to focus on creating a calm and effective breathing pattern.glentress farm retreat breathe in joy
  2. Posture – correct posture allows more room for your body to digest and to breathe. Sitting for long periods of time can close the body over our organs and allow less room for effective circulation. Regular breaks are important as well as postural awareness. The Manubrium Lift is a great way to create awareness of where our body ‘sits’. The Manubrium is at the top of your sternum, joining the two ‘collarbones’ together. To adjust your posture, lift and separate your sternum away from your navel, no shoulder or neck muscle adjustments required!
  3. Massage – assists with balancing the muscles of the body to allow flexibility of the ribcage and lower back, allowing the diaphragm to expand to its best capacity. Techniques used can be specific to the diaphragm, intercostal muscles or as a systemic massage, focussing on, for example on the lymphatic system.
  4. Bio-individuality – everyone is unique. Lifestyle, personalities and emotional balance are all unique to the individual, therefore effecting posture, chemical/hormonal balance, dietary choices and levels of exercise. For this reason recommendations for effective breathing techniques, postural shifts and massage techniques with essential oil combinations will vary for each client.